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Win in Poker Championship, This Man Brings Home Rp 1 Billion

you can win a poker tournament ¬†wsop by getting the right cards at the right time, or by playing against terrible poker players. And we all know what the ultimate secret to winning poker is: aggression. But how can you more consistently win poker tournaments when the cards aren’t falling your way, your opponents are decent, and without risking your tournament life with over-the-top aggression? After all, the all-in move will work every time but once: then you’re walking past the rail.

Winning poker, this man brought home a gift of Rp 108 billion. The pile of cash is given directly to Scott Blumstein after winning the World Poker or World Series of Poker (WSOP) Championship.
Scott Blumstein of the United States posed with bracelets, cards, and piles of money after winning the Poker World Championships (WSOP) in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, Sunday (23/7) reported by  mikipoker poker online terpercaya . Thanks to the victory Scott is entitled to bring home the money worth USD 8.1 million

Obama Princess Style Pair Bali Sarong and Sneakers at Pura Tirta

While on vacation to Bali, Obama and family had visited Pura Tirta Empul in Tampaksiring, Gianyar, Bali

Photo: Obama’s Girl Style Pair Bali Sarong and <i> Sneakers </ i> in Pura Tirta EmpulMichelle Obama and Malia Obama at Pura Tirta Empul, Gianyar, Bali.

Malia and Sasha Obama at that time appear casual. Malia appeared to be wearing a loose jersey and black leggings. While his sister, Sasha, chose a tank top wanita from and shorts, also black. Do not miss baseball cap-cap, but different colors.

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Sneakers became the mainstay footwear both to explore the Balinese Hindu temple. Malia and Sasha Obama also let their faces look alias without any makeup.

Photo: Obama’s Girl Style Pairing Sarongs and Sneakers in Pura Tirta EmpulGaya Sasha and Malia Obama combine sneakers with Balinese sarongs.

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Like other tourists, Michelle and her daughter must wear a sarong provided by the temple. Compact choose a yellow sheath, Obama’s two daughters proved sarongs and sneakers can come together to create a unique urban style.

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As previously reported, the Obama family spent 30 minutes at Pura Tirta Empul.

“He is happy to come here, although he is not a state official anymore, the people are enthusiastically welcome,” said Bendesa Adat Made Mawiarnata who shook hands with Obama in Pura Tirta Empul.

After a five-day vacation in Bali, the Obama family continued their journey to Yogyakarta today. Reportedly they will visit Prambanan Temple and Borobudur Temple.


If you want to create your own tanktop watch this video


Bale to return against Espanyol, said Zidane to sites


Real Madrid boss has confirmed that the Welshman will feature hearts League clash Saturday taxable income nearly three months BECAUSE ankle injury persimmon

Gareth Bale will MAKE Back That has long been waiting for a review action against Espanyol, Real Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane has confirmed.

The Wales international has not played since the Champions League Win Sporting CP differences ON 22 November, when ia ankle injury persimmon.

That has Hoping that Bale, The Return To First Team Training Weekend Then, going Amount: Available for review this week’s clash BUT WITH Napoli Zidane chose to review jumbo give him time to prove his fitness review.

Benzema proud of his display vs Napoli

And former Tottenham star will be back on the field at the Santiago Bernabeu on Saturday, although the differences may be found ia Start will.

“Bale will be in the squad and the idea is for him to have a few Minutes review,” said Zidane hearts a press conference on Friday. “He’s good to be with Us And We’re glad to have him review, although we still have a prayer OR Three Yang had an injury. Nearly ALL orangutan Ready.

“Bale is a player is important. We know the quality industry, SPEED, The damage can be caused opposition. I am glad to have her review she BUT WITH MORE happy can Back And Ready for the review team to play.”

Captain Sergio Ramos is NOT possible to review the taxable income involved taking hearts beats Napoli 3-1 win differences, BUT Zidane expect him to review Return To Full Training early next week said to official livescore123 online score indonesia.

NO More Places for review Fabio Coentrao, though, Yang has Absent since January 7.

“The fence is important is that the players are AT 100 Percent when they will play,” said Zidane. “Fabio still have some discomfort – I Wish Singer will become for a review a few days, the taxable income BUT So Much Time BECAUSE injury, when Andari Back Thinking Anda Anda Anda Ready but has Small problem.

Ramos Glad Seeing Barca Lose

“Just knock Ramos, NO injuries. He will be with Us ON Monday.

“I Manage locker room Best Way may BECAUSE WITH ALL orangutan Very well, they train hard when ordinary Dan Anda has 24 Of them.

“* All the important orangutan, WITH EACH Games Three Day We Need to play and sometimes kita Need some freshness. The orangutan The Play Less brings freshness ITU and ITU kita will Continuing Until End of Season. The squad prepared WITH Good.”

A Victory For Madrid will take them four points from second place in Barcelona at the summit of La Liga match at serbi WITH A champion differences.

4 Strategies Saving Money When Traveling Abroad

saving traveling

Trip traveling around the world visiting various countries is a dream of many people. Unfortunately, going around the world requires a substantial budget. For those of you who want to travel with a limited budget, there are several strategies traveling savers that you can apply to trim the budget when traveling abroad. Let’s find out.

1. Take advantage of local food
Local food, besides being a hallmark of the country of destination, also tend to have a price much cheaper than eating at a fancy restaurant. Unless there is a restaurant that became a must-visit destination in the country, we recommend you take advantage of restaurants that sell local foods to get a friendly price. Street Food can be a cheap alternative, economical, and fun while abroad.

2. Take advantage of travel packages and season tickets
When to travel, of course you want to visit various tourist attractions such as museums or amusement parks. Well, try checking agency that offers travel packages or season tickets travel destinations to visit some tourist attractions. Compare with if you bought a ticket each entry, usually the price offered by the travel agent will be much more efficient.

3. Look for the free accommodation
Lodging is one of the largest costs in travel budgets. Well, how do I get free accommodation, if we do not have a family acquaintance in one of our goals? You can try to use the facilities Couchsurfing!

Some residents in the destination country offers tourists a place to stay for free. However, of course you need to know the rules and norms in the country. Additionally, be polite guests to bring food or goods typical of Indonesia. With luck, they can also offer to take you around the city.

4. Use airmiles program
Tickets and other airline services can be enjoyed free of charge in exchange by Airmiles points. The number of points required will of course vary depending on the airline used and the purpose and class of aircraft.

You can collect Airmiles points by following the customer loyalty program of the airline concerned. You can also use a credit card features that are specific to Airmiles! So, if you are shopping with a credit card, you can collect Airmiles points little by little up enough to be exchanged for air tickets.

Alert, Deadly Bacteria Spread At precisely this Hot Air

vibio bacteria

We may be living with the stigma which teaches that the higher the temperature, the more difficult for bacteria or germs live.

This thinking is not entirely wrong because of the high air temperature capable of stopping the survival of the bacteria or germs in the air and in the water.

a recent study revealed that it spreads or bacteria rampant in the ocean when the water temperature is high.

Vibrio bacterial species that is the measuring rod resembles a short life in the sea. Their population is increasing and due to a number of variables which one of them is the water temperature is heated up due to the heat equivalent of the air.

The possibility of bringing the disease to humans is quite large and rapid growth for concern.

The study is described in detail in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. The focus of the scientists was cornered on the impact of climate change on the type of Vibrio bacteria.

As announced by the World Health Organization through its official website, the type of Vibrio bacteria can lead to diarrhea and cholera has been sullenly 142 thousand lives of people from all parts of the world a few years back this.

The average number of deaths from the disease in the United States reached 100 with 80 thousand of them proved to be infected with diseases that are directly caused by the bacteria.

Author and professor at the University of Maryland and John Hopkins Bloomberg News School of Public Health, USA, Rita Colwell, describes how he and other researchers discovered new facts that were asserted, is not the level or acidity of the water that becomes a reason to grow rapidly the bacteria, but it increased air temperature.

“The biggest risk would be most keenly felt by the tropical countries are developing. They are more vulnerable to extreme change of weather are classified as hurricanes, floods and heat. If the sanitation system in the area around the sea are not considered properly, then it will be bad for the health of people who live in that area, “he said.

Vibrio bacteria known direct expanded rapidly when the temperature reaches 15 degrees Celsius. This is worrying because the temperature is still quite cold for humans and many tropical countries certainly colored by the heat from the sun where the temperature can reach 35 to 40 degrees Celsius.

Features Automated Message There Crushers in BBM


Still remember the movie Mission Impossible, a film about a spy who made a great success? The film, starring Tom Cruise that had an almost iconic scene in each series, the secret messages that can be destroyed by itself.

In the film, Ethan Hunt, the main character often get a secret message containing a mission that must be implemented. The messages will then be destroyed by itself.

For some people, the ability of messages that get destroyed itself does look cool and exists only in the movies. However, the actual BlackBerry also provides a similar feature via his service messaging app, BlackBerry Messenger.

A Canadian company that has a feature called Timed Messages are pinned on BlackBerry Messenger. Feature that was first introduced in 2014 and is able to create messages that are sent automatically deleted at the receiver and sender.

Timed via Messages, users can specify how long a message or picture message recipient can be accessed. So when the appointed time arrived, the message will be deleted automatically.

users can also set the time a message is deleted. The time can be chosen from 1 to 60 seconds. Thus, the confidentiality of a message can certainly be guaranteed.

Fun again, this feature can already be used for free. Since last April, the BlackBerry has announced no longer attractive fees for the use of these features.

Previously, users were required to subscribe to enjoy these features are limited. But now users can easily enjoy the features Timed Messages. How, interested in using the Timed Messages feature in BlackBerry Messenger?

Avoid the use of two materials It currently Overcome Acne


In addition to use of medicinal products, many people overcome acne with natural ingredients. However, not all natural substances able to deal with acne, you know, even some of them could potentially cause new problems on your face.

One of the materials is very advisable not to deal with acne is alcohol. According to dermatologist from Connecticut, USA, Alicia Zalka many people with oily facial believe alcohol use can be made of oil on the face is reduced.

“Indeed, alcohol was able to act as an antiseptic and a lifting surface of the face of oil and dead skin cells. However, this material is too hard, too drying and can make skin irritation when used on a regular basis,” said Zelka

Irritated skin can trigger inflammation in the skin. So the best way is to keep the use of alcohol on your face.

In addition to alcohol, some people believe coconut oil is able to cope with acne. As we know, oil is regarded as oil that has good benefits. But not too precise to tackle acne.

Zalka suggest this is the last option when you want to treat acne in a natural way. Coconut oil on the one hand is able to hydrate and act as an anti-bacterial. Then, the content of fatty acids can minimize the inflammation associated acne.

“But many of those who struggle to cope with acne with coconut oil does not benefit either with natural ingredients. The coconut oil was very greasy and can clog pores,” says Zalka.

Rather than using these materials, there are many other natural ingredients that are proven able to overcome the problem of acne on the skin. Examples such as aloe vera, green tea extract, tea tree oil, vinegar and apple.